Arun Balaji

Arun is an interdisciplinary scientist with a robust background in biomaterials, polymer chemistry, biological assays, and small animal imaging. His research career spans various domains, providing him with a profound understanding of diverse scientific disciplines, including medical implants, tissue regeneration, and nanomedicine. He completed his PhD in 2021 under the guidance of Prof Kristofer Thurecht, with a focus on the development of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles. His project was centered around studying the factors that impede the efficacy of nanomedicine in a hepatic fibrosis setting, such as the type and density of the targeting ligand, macrophage activity, and the severity of fibrosis. Arun has a strong publication record in various facets of materials research, contributing to reputable journals like Biomaterials, Advanced Science, and International Journal of Nanomedicine, among others. Beyond research, Arun actively engages in leadership roles and community service.

In his current role at the AMTAR research hub, Arun focuses on collaborating with industry partners to develop his expertise in handling different radioisotopes, radiolabelling of pharmaceutical agents, assessing radiation-induced biological response, molecular imaging techniques (PET and SPECT), as well as scale-up production and quality control of radiolabelled formulations.

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