AMTAR research is broadly defined by two complementary research themes which will work in concert to produce strategies for manufacture of targeted radiopharmaceuticals.

Our multidisciplinary research program focusses on key problems identified as priority areas by AMTAR industry partners, as well as emerging challenges that are seen as key drivers of future development and innovation.

Theme 1: Innovation in probes, radiochemistry and linker chemistry.

Theme leader Prof Rachel Codd
Research Area 1: Chelator development
Research Area 2: Enhanced production of isotopes
Research Area 3: New linkers to improve production and enhance biological properties.
Research Area 4: Health Economics of new radiopharmaceuticals

Theme 2. Novel biologics and radiopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies.

Theme leader Prof David Owen
Research Area 5: Advanced biologics engineering and biotechnology
Research Area 6: Microdosimetry and biological evaluation of radioprobes
Research Area 7: Characterisation and quality assurance of developed biologic radiopharmaceuticals