Saikat Ghosh

Saikat Ghosh is an early career researcher (ECR) who completed his PhD (2023) under the supervision of Prof Kristofer Thurecht (Senior Group Leader and Deputy Director – Research) at The University of Queensland’s Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) & Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN). Saikat’s research career of ~14 years is diversified across academia and the biopharmaceutical industry. Saikat started in academia at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) as a cancer cell biologist, investigating the tumour-suppressor p53 and its amyloid formation in cancer. He gradually made the transition to translational research, focusing on therapeutic proteins for preclinical validation and clinical use. Saikat has extensive experience working with biopharmaceuticals in the R&D and QC departments of global biotech companies like Lupin and Serum Institute. During his industry-collaborated PhD with GlyTherix Ltd. (an Australian immuno-oncology company) at the ARC Training Centre for Innovation in Biomedical Imaging Technology (CIBIT), he gained expertise in the multidisciplinary field of targeted radiopharmaceuticals combining antibody engineering and nuclear medicine. Saikat is a highly trained radiobiologist, with the ability to develop, optimise and test novel (therapeutic and diagnostic) radioactive tracers using medical imaging modalities like PET, SPECT and CT for preclinical translation. He has won multiple awards including The Science Talk (FBNS), 3MT (UQ, CAI), Young Investigator Award (ASMI). Saikat is an avid science communicator. He has a strong focus on early industry engagement, product quality control and regulatory processes.

At AMTAR Research Hub, Saikat will be combining antibody engineering and nuclear medicine to generate clinically efficacious radiopharmaceuticals for use in biomarker-targeted disease diagnosis and radiotherapy.

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